Annual Feng Shui for the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

All residential and commercial buildings are affected by energy, whether you can see it or not. Every year millions of people buy, read or find books on how to organize the arrangement of items, furniture and special features in the living space. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, in Chinese, it is called Yin Metal Rabbit, or ‘xin mao’. Before we begin to assess the cosmic energy of Feng Shui for the year, we must understand that Feng Shui affects our mood, psychology, luck and many other factors in life. By following the flow of our own cosmic system and aligning the energy around us, we can live a much more harmonious and auspicious life. The old saying goes “One destiny, two luck, three Feng Shui”. Feng Shui has a definite influence on our lives, whether we choose to believe in it or not. Obviously, education and the things we choose to do affect our luck as well. If you are in a good cycle, with Feng Shui, you can enhance good luck, on the other hand, if you are in a bad cycle, Feng Shui can help you reduce the negative impacts of bad luck.

The following is a summary of what everyone can do with a limited knowledge of Feng Shui. Keep in mind that if you are unsure about your home’s Feng Shui setups, hire a professional to evaluate your home. Apart from the annual energy of Feng Shui, you may need to consider the use of other traditional Chinese methods, such as the flying stars, the eight mansions, etc. The annual star also has an impact on the flying stars that is determined by the time factor. The use of trinkets, ornaments and statues can be considered. Although some may consider them superstition, certain animals such as the Dragon Dogs, Kirin, and Pi Yao, if positioned correctly, can have powerful defensive qualities. If you intend to make changes to Feng Shui for 2011, be sure to do so after February 4, 2011.

The Grand Duke of Jupiter (82.5º – 97.5º East)

Every year, Asians who practice Feng Shui always worry, first of all, where the “Grand Duke” resides during the year. It is an area where there is an energy imbalance due to its interactions with the planet Jupiter and the cosmos. This is an area that should not be disturbed. For the Year of the Rabbit, the Grand Duke is in the East, so avoid major renovations and activities in this area of ​​the house. The unfavorable 5 stars carried over to this sector as well, making this sector an even more difficult area to deal with. Things to keep in mind and remedies in the East sector:

• Avoid red and earth colors in this sector.

• Place six coins in a row or metal objects here.

• Brass, bronze, silver or gold dragon ornaments are also recommended.

• Pi Yao dogs (preferably two) are a very popular ornament used to appease the Grand Duke.

• If you have a different entrance area to the house, try to use it instead of the east sector. If east entry is unavoidable, try not to slam or slam the door when entering.

• You can also use gourd or Wu Lu gourd.

Annual One White Star (Northeast)

This year, the Romance Star flies to the Northeast sector. For those who are interested in enhancing the romantic aspect of their lives, or increasing the chances of meeting people, place metal objects and water in this area of ​​your living space. The sound of metal, like a ticking metal clock or music box, can do the trick. Water is also recommended for this area. If you had to choose one element or the other, definitely go for metal, as the northeast area represents the earth. With metal, you are providing a bridge between the energy of the earth and the water in this area.

Annual Two Black Star (South)

The Two Black Star is often referred to as the star of sickness. For 2011, this is not a good area at all, as the sickness star is reinforced by the fire from the south. If the southern area of ​​your home is the bathroom, bedroom, laundry, or storage room, then you are less concerned. In Flying Star Feng Shui, when the 2 and 9 come together, there is a greater potential for misfortune.


• Place six metal coins in this area.

• Avoid major construction work or renovations. If you need to, hire a professional to select a date for the renovations.

• The brass ingot can be used to protect wealth.

• Metal Wu Lou Gourd (Calabash) is also recommended to reduce the effects of the sick star.

• Avoid red colors and the use of fire (eg candles and electronic equipment) in this sector.

• Some books that I have come across in Hong Kong recommended placing wood in this sector to combat the energy of the earth. Personally, I prefer to reduce bad energy before fighting it.

Three Annual Jade Stars (North)

This star is not as bad as the Two Black Star or the Grand Duke, but you have to be aware of the discussions and disputes in this area of ​​the house or business unit. The remedy for this area is simple. Since the three jade star possesses wood energy, use red colors and fire-related objects to reduce the resistance of wood. Avoid using water features in this sector during the year unless a Feng Shui consultant has diagnosed this area using Flying Stars correctly. Do not hang wind chimes or place metal instruments in this area.

Four Annual Green Stars (Southwest)

This is often referred to as the scholarly or scholarly star. It governs not only academic and artistic talents, but also other parts such as career, travel, wisdom, education, and interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, this star flies towards the southwestern sector that possesses Earth energy, as a result, the academic star is weaker for this year due to its conflict with Earth energy. To increase the energy of the academic star, you will need to place four bamboo sticks in a vase of water. Do not place plants with soil in this area as you may end up creating conflict in this sector for those who are studying. Avoid placing metal objects as it will weaken the academic star. Having a wooden bookshelf or pagoda in this area is also auspicious.

Five Annual Yellow Stars (East)

As mentioned above about the Grand Duke, this sector is not suitable for important activities. Not everything is pessimism when we deal with Feng Shui. The key is to identify the bad sectors and find the right solutions. Many traditional Chinese cures involve the use of salt water or six Chinese coins in this area. Those methods may work, but it is more important to avoid disrupting this sector. Use more metal in this area. See the description above about the Grand Duke for remedies in this area.

Six annual white stars (southeast)

The Six White Star is a good star for those who want to improve their career luck. This is also considered a military star that is favorable to those who are politicians or officers. Since the Six White Star has metallic energy, while the southeast has wood, we would need a bridge to upgrade the metal. To do this, put together the elements related to fire and earth. Logically, you would have the wood feeding the fire and the fire strengthening the earth, then the earth can strengthen the metal. You can also place a real quartz crystal or crystal spheres in this area to activate the energy of the White Star.

Annual Seven Robbery Star (center)

This year, the ‘Broken Soldier’ ​​star is imprisoned in the central palace. This star represents robbery, cheating, theft, gossip, and backstabbing. This star needs to be taken care of or there may be chances of loss of wealth and theft. DO NOT wear red colors in the center of your home and try to avoid candles and electronic equipment here. Bells and metal instruments should also be avoided here. The best remedy for this sector is to put water here. If you intend to use water features in this sector, make sure the water flows slowly. Water colliding or vibrating in this area would accidentally activate the robbery star. When in doubt, you can always update your security and alarm system.

Annual Eight White Stars (Northwest)

Of all the stars, star eight is the most auspicious as it rules the flying star during this period until 2023. Star eight’s auspicious earth energy resides in an area of ​​metal where its fortunes are reduced for 2011. For those who I like to place crystals at home, this is the area to which it should belong this year. The best quality of hand-picked quartz crystals are recommended and should be set correctly and visible in the Northwest by 2011. Wealth and fame will also be found in this area of ​​the world and I will cover this next month in my annual predictions. for 2011. If your bedroom is located in the northwest, you may also consider placing an amethyst crystal here to strengthen the White Eight Star. The northwest must also be clear of obstacles. Many Chinese tend to place 8 white pebbles lined up in a cross shape like the image shown on the star chart. White pebbles can also strengthen and solidify the energy of the earth in this sector.

Annual Nine Purple Star (West)

This is supposed to be a very auspicious star, as it is considered a “future” wealth star with an auspicious influence in this current period. For 2011, the Nine Purple Star, representative of the fire energy, is in conflict with the metal energy of the west. To make matters worse, the Three Annual Murders reside in this sector. Do not place metallic objects in this area, as you could end up disturbing the negative energy of the Three Kills. It is best to delay major renovations or activities in this area of ​​the house to 2011. Remedies for this area would include water and wooden objects. Green plants or fresh flowers grown in water would be your best solution. If you are interested in placing Chinese ornaments to take care of the Three Kills, many would use 2 kirin dogs in front of the Three Kills.


This report presents you with many options in terms of what you can do to disperse negative energy for 2011 and improve specific areas of your home. This is by no means a panacea, as Annual Flying Stars are only one aspect of a complete Feng Shui system. To maximize your use of Feng Shui, you may want to consult a professional Feng Shui practitioner who can calculate the flying stars in your home based on time and incorporate the eight mansions theory to locate your health-related sectors. wealth and career. Remember that the energies in the house change often and it is by no means static. Incorporating a professional reading of the Four Pillars of Destiny can provide greater precision in determining all your favorable and unfavorable directions.

Feng Shui is not just about balance and harmony, it is also about following the flow of your own cosmic system. It is very difficult to maximize the use of Feng Shui methods without understanding the person and the cosmic energy that one possesses.

I hereby wish you all a happy and healthy Year of the Rabbit!

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