Are you familiar with local building codes and regulations in Barrie

local building codes and regulations in Barrie

In Barrie, local building codes and regulations govern the construction of new buildings, renovations, and additions, as well as alterations to existing structures. These regulations set minimum standards for safety, quality, and environmental protection. To ensure these minimum standards are met, the city requires that a permit be obtained for all construction activities, and that inspections are conducted at different stages of construction to monitor compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC), Zoning By-law, and Building By-law.

Building permits are required for the construction or alteration of any structure, including but not limited to houses, apartment units, commercial and industrial buildings, and sheds. A permit application must be submitted to the building department and reviewed and approved by the Building Official. A permit is only granted once all necessary documents have been received and the project is ready for inspection.

The length of time it takes to obtain a permit can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the project and the accuracy and completeness of the submitted drawings and documents. It is recommended that the applicant consult with the City of Roofers in Barrie website or contact the Building Department directly to verify processing times and requirements.

Are you familiar with local building codes and regulations in Barrie

While the city has made many improvements to its building standards in recent years, these new standards cannot be enforced until the provincial government modifies the Ontario Building Code. The OBC is a model code that each province can choose to adopt in whole or with amendments, and individual municipalities have the option of passing their own building bylaws. This patchwork of regulations has contributed to a system that can be slow to change and prone to bottlenecks.

After last summer’s tornado, City Councillor Natalie Harris introduced a motion urging the province to consider changing the OBC to require builders of new homes to use straps or clips to better connect the roofs, walls and foundations to withstand extreme wind loads. Currently, the OBC aligns with the national model in requiring three three-inch nails (known as toe nails) in each roof-to-wall connection. These are effective against a number of wind forces, but they are not sufficient to withstand the kind of force experienced during a destructive twister.

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Adding the straps or clips would cost homeowners $100-$500. The City of Barrie’s staff has been asked to research the feasibility of a rebate program for homeowners who install these severe weather resistance features, as well as financial incentives for those whose homes do not experience damage from a destructive tornado and have yet to be strengthened. The findings will be reported back to councillors.

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