Deposit Related Notes on Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

Related Notes on Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

With exam season underway and students buried in books, finding their perfect Lancashire student accommodation is likely to feel like a long way off. But sorting out the paperwork early on can save plenty of stress and money. And the best place to start is with a deposit. That’s the guarantee that a landlord will receive rent each month – and it could be secured through a UK rental guarantor service like Housing Hand.

A guarantor can be anyone around you who is willing to stand surety for you, from a parent or grandparent to someone close to you such as a colleague. They will be asked to confirm their income and employment status, and provide contact details, address and credit score.

As a guide, the cost of a guarantor is typically half the value of the first month’s rent. This is payable once your referencing has been completed.

For those who do not have the financial ability to pay a deposit, there are a number of tenancy deposit replacement schemes available. The costs vary but will usually include an initial payment of one week’s rent, followed by monthly payments collected via a standing order. In some instances, the annual administration fee may also be included in the overall price of the tenancy.

Deposit Related Notes on Renting Student Accommodation in Lancashire

There is a range of accommodation to suit all budgets in Lancashire, including flats, houses and shared apartments. Many are within walking distance of the University and come fully furnished, which means everything you need to live comfortably is provided. Unlike the halls, you’ll need to sort out bills as well, so make sure you can afford the rent and all utility charges plus contents insurance.

Many students will opt to rent a property outside of university campuses in Preston, Burnley or Blackburn. This will give you a more spacious and homely setting, with the added bonus of being able to choose your own housemates. If you go this route, talk to your letting agent or landlord about what furniture you can bring, as you might need to supply the rest.

Some student accommodation facilities offer career development programs and life skills training to equip students with essential skills for their future endeavors. Workshops on resume writing, job interview skills, and professional networking are conducted to enhance students’ employability. Additionally, training sessions on financial literacy, time management, and effective communication contribute to students’ personal growth and readiness for the challenges of adulthood.

You’ll have to arrange a utilities connection and pay for your own TV licence. But you’ll probably find it cheaper than living in halls – as long as you’re all full-time students. You’ll also have to organise your own cleaning, and you might be required to take out contents insurance.

The borough council is considering proposals to convert surplus Lancashire student accommodation into affordable family homes for rent. The idea is to prevent them being sold and to help local families who struggle to afford private renting in the town. A report will be presented to a meeting in the autumn. For more information, visit here. Or call the Housing team on 01253 720270.

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