Infidelity: the other woman and you

Infidelity is not always about falling in love with the other woman. But what makes her so attractive to your man? Never think that your man will tell you what’s wrong with you because he won’t. Also don’t think the other woman will apologize because she won’t either. She’ll probably blame you for the whole thing. Why not? She’s a bitch and bitches don’t apologize; they rationalize. It all comes down to you, the injured party, and how she goes along with a bitch and a cheater. Since they won’t explain things to you, I will. I’ve been there, done that. I was the woman, not the other woman. I am in so much pain that I had to see a counselor. Some of the following may not apply to me or to you, but they are bitter truths that may have thrown your man into the arms of another woman. Face them now or lose your man.

You: You let your life revolve around him. You monitor his whereabouts like a real stalker.

The other woman: She doesn’t seem to care about his absence. She is so involved with her own life.

Your man: He is challenged by a woman who doesn’t seem to need him.

You: You are insecure about your appearance and go to any lengths to make yourself attractive to him.

The other woman: Even if she’s not attractive enough, she has a take it or leave it attitude.

Your man: Self-confidence makes a woman look beautiful to him.

You: You are a “yes” girl who always agrees with your ideas and beliefs.

The other woman: Say what’s on your mind even if you have to disagree with him.

Your man: He has a higher respect for a woman who has a mind of her own.

You: You complain or scold him like his mother.

The other woman: She turns her back on him if the terms are not favorable to her.

Your man: He takes a woman’s silence more seriously than her noise.

You: You are jealous of the other woman and try to compete with her.

The Other Woman: She’s not a clinging vine. She lets him go easily if there is another woman.

Your Man: He is attracted to a woman who is sure of herself.

You: Jump into bed with him too soon or never turn down his sexual advances.

The other woman: controls her sexual urges by giving the relationship time to grow before having sex.

Your man: Loses respect for a woman who is serving his sexual needs.

You: You are overly sensitive or defensive when he points out your weakness.

The other woman: laughs at herself and can joke with him.

Your man: He is turned on by a woman who has a great sense of humor.

Don’t try so hard to chase your man because more will run away. Believe in yourself and stick with it no matter what your man does. Then, and only then, will the principles of attraction work to your best advantage. At the end of the day, he may run back to you. If he doesn’t, take it as his loss, not yours. Now keep your head up and take good care of yourself. All the best.

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