Photographer Vs Cameraman

“Don’t videographers and photographers do the same?” This has often been the sign of a heated discussion about the difference between photographers and videographers. It is often necessary for a video production company to clarify the difference.

There are several points of conflict that are causing a gap between professional cameramen and photographers. Among these points of conflict is the fact that they compete for the same positions.

Definition of cameraman and photographer

These two professionals are like skiers and snowboarders. They are completely different in what they do and how they work. It is important that both clients and professionals realize that their functions are not interchangeable.

A photographer takes pictures with a camera. Professional photographers can work for companies or as individual contractors. They capture a moment in a single image. Therefore, multiple photos are required to encapsulate an event.

A videographer uses a video camera to capture an event. They capture a series of moments in audiovisual content. They can work for a company or as an individual contractor. A single film can be used to document an event.

Difference between the two

Although photography and videography have their similarities, they cannot be grouped into the same category. There are many differences between the two.

Photography has been around for many years. People understand the importance of photography and the work a photographer does to get the perfect shots and deliver impressive prints to clients.

Video, on the other hand, is moving images and incorporates audio. Video is quickly catching up with photos and other images as a means of communication. Despite this, many people still don’t have a clear understanding of the amount of work a videographer must do to document an event, edit a movie, and make sure their clients are happy with their work.

Things a cameraman won’t tell you!

Documentation of events involves much more than just holding a camera. There are many things your video expert would like to tell you about:

  1. Creating a video requires more than capturing what you see. It’s also about capturing sound. Professionals use external sound recording equipment to obtain the best quality. Sound recordings and audiovisual content must be synchronized during editing. Is not easy. Photographers only have to worry about the images.

  2. To capture those important moments at the right angle, multiple cameras and stereos are required. This means working with footage from different sources during editing to get the perfect movie. Photographers only need to select the best shots, even if they are from multiple cameras.

  3. Much more equipment is required to get the perfect footage. A videographer may need stabilizers, more than one camera, microphones, siders, and drones to capture the event.

  4. Editing photos is not easy. Editing videos is a completely different ball game. Typically there is more than 100GB of footage for any given event. There are also hours of sound recordings that need to be synced to the footage. Then you have to compile the footage in a way that tells the story.

Videographers and photographers are different, but both are essential for capturing special moments.

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