Are There Any Rules For Guests in the Student Accommodation?

Rules For Guests in the Student Accommodation

Located in Berkshire, Reading is home to several educational institutions of repute and is one of the most popular student destinations in UK. The city is renowned for its University of Reading which attracts thousands of students from all around the world each year. Apart from this, the city has a number of other institutes for higher education including the Oxford Brookes University and Buckinghamshire New University. This is why the city has earned the tag of being a hub for international students in UK.

There are a number of benefits that come with living in the Reading student accommodation near the university in Reading. These include the convenience of getting to your classes without having to worry about commuting time. Moreover, you save on money by not having to pay for extras like water bills or internet as this comes included in your rent. Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about having enough space for your belongings as the student flats are usually well-furnished and equipped with everything you need.

Are there any rules for guests in the Reading student accommodation?

Guests are not permitted in your room, suite, or apartment unless you have given verbal authorization for them to do so. The person accompanying the guest must meet them in the building vestibule and escort them into the residence. Residents may host guests in their room, suite or apartment for no more than three consecutive nights during a semester. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must abide by all university policies, provisions, rules and regulations.

Are There Any Rules For Guests in the Student Accommodation?

In addition to this, the use of space heaters, candles and incense is prohibited as they are fire hazards. Additionally, no open alcohol is permitted in hallways, stairwells, lounges and lobby areas. In case of a violation, sanctions will be imposed. It is also prohibited to engage in floor crawls or drinking games that require alcohol (funneling, flip cup, beer pong, kings etc.) in all residences.

If you are a resident of the campus housing and wish to invite a guest, you must complete a Guest Visitor Request Form. The form must be completed by both the resident and the guest. It is recommended to fill out the form well in advance to avoid any inconvenience or delays. You can find the form on the BU Housing website.

The BU Housing staff is available to assist you with working with your roommates about inviting guests to shared rooms, suites and apartments. They can also provide guidance in the event of a conflict that arises between you and your roommate about hosting guests.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in shaping the university experience. It serves as a home away from home, providing a supportive and conducive environment for academic and personal growth. With numerous options available, selecting the right accommodation can be overwhelming. This guide aims to shed light on the various aspects of student accommodation, helping students make informed decisions. From considering location and cost to exploring different types of accommodations and essential amenities, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal living space for your university years.

Please remember that a resident’s room, suite or apartment must remain at design capacity (the design capacity set by BU Housing) throughout the semester. If the design capacity is exceeded, a reassignment may be made by BU Housing at any time. If a resident is reassigned, the reassignment will take place at the discretion of BU Housing and shall be based on factors such as violation history, behavior, safety and the overall management of the residential system.

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