How a Maui Fire Lawyer Can Help With Wildfire-Related Claims

Maui Fire Lawyer

The recent Maui fires have caused unimaginable devastation. Many people lost their homes, and others were forced to evacuate. The physical and financial costs are staggering. Those who suffered losses due to these catastrophic wildfires may be entitled to compensation for their losses. However, some insurance companies are denying these claims based on zoning infractions. These denials can make the recovery process even more challenging for those affected by the wildfires.

A Maui fire lawyers can help with wildfire-related claims. These legal professionals can help victims understand their insurance policies, seek legal advice, document all of their losses and file a claim to receive financial compensation. In addition, they can hold the responsible parties accountable for their roles in the wildfires.

Some of the most devastating wildfires in history have been caused by faulty power lines. This is why it is critical for all individuals affected by these fires to review their insurance policy and consult with a knowledgeable attorney. If you have been negatively impacted by the Maui fires, it’s important to act now. Contact a Maui fire lawyer today for assistance.

How a Maui Fire Lawyer Can Help With Wildfire-Related Claims

Maui Fire Lawyers – Wagner Law Group is protecting the rights of people displaced from the Lahaina fires. They are investigating the role of Hawaiian Electric in this disaster. According to the Maui News, Hawaiian Electric is accused of not shutting off power during high winds. This is standard procedure during weather events like this, but it seems that they failed to do this in this case.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

This failure to shut off power led to the massive and deadly Lahaina fires that destroyed nearly 100 homes. It is also alleged that Hawaiian Electric neglected to maintain its power lines, which created a fire hazard. The company is accused of failing to properly clear and maintain vegetation near its power lines and substations, as well as not adequately inspecting them.

According to the lawsuits filed by victims, the fire was started by a combination of factors including drought, combustible vegetation, and strong winds from Hurricane Dora. The lawsuits allege that these factors contributed to the blaze, but they also point out that the fire could have been prevented if the utility power lines had been properly maintained and the company had heeded national guidelines in the face of dangerous weather conditions.

While it is always important for victims to document their losses, they do not need to have documents that prove every single loss that they experienced in order to qualify for financial compensation. Some of the most common losses that can be claimed include business interruption, property damage and evacuation costs.

Our law firm is partnering with two other powerhouse firms on this litigation. These top-rated trial attorneys will aggressively pursue justice for all victims of the Maui fires. We will build our cases based on the unique circumstances of each victim. This type of large-scale litigation is complex and requires substantial resources to prepare and try successfully.

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