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None of us know what we are doing. Although we spend our days with full intention, saturated purpose, and determined goals, the true sublime reason why we are motivated to act remains hidden from view. We wake up in the morning with a focused goal, having calculated the result and minimized the barriers; we proceed as if what we are going to achieve has something to do with us. So much so, that we either take the blame for mishaps or bask in the glory of success. None of the answers are accurate or appropriate. “IF at any time we think we know what we are doing, stop immediately.” In other words, we never know; we only project and in those projections we are wrong.

There is much more to the image that is not seen than what is seen.

Much is hidden from view. It’s simply amazing how we spend our days denying the amount of crucial information we don’t have access to. We work with what we have in a partially obscured light; however, we attack problems as if we had all the goods available. The truth is that our current knowledge and insight (no matter how much we have paid for expert guidance) is limited and biased.

However, we keep making all these unnecessary plans and we believe that unless they are developed exactly and precisely as we have ordered (built), we have somehow failed to meet our pre-set goals. It goes without saying that when it seems our specific goals have not been met, we have not failed in any way. In the same way, when it seems that what we set out to do has been fully accomplished, the end is not in sight either.

‘Nothing is what it looks like. And we have very little to say or do about what happens.

But, ‘say’ we do! which falls into the category of tenacious gossip.

There is a subtle esoteric law of inference that applies to each and every act we undertake: purity of purpose. It’s totally impersonal and some may say irrational, but no less effective. Beyond our physical capacity, the mind’s intellect, and the emotional barrage of frustrated desires (enacted to interfere), a ruling sacred force guides and directs all our actions. We are not consulted on the matter, nor are we given the privilege to decide whether the result is necessary or not. These sacred acts are decreed from a much higher sphere of authority that bypasses the normal functionality of man. Does this mean that all our actions are predestined? In a vehemently resisted word: yes. {Look at it more like we are herded like cattle into a specific sphere of preselected activity of earth experience.}

We were born with an explicit destiny, a sublimely definitive work to be carried out on earth. We are going to achieve that definite purpose. Whether we ever see the picture clearly enough to appreciatively discern the result of our personal effort remains irrelevant. The “Purity of Purpose” determines the result of each action we administer. IF you step out of line with that celestially projected intention, it just isn’t going to happen. Now, we can ask ourselves (humans continually question everything; it is part of our curious nature), if we will be able to discern when we have “Purity of Purpose”.

In a definitely resisted word: no. IF we could see ‘IT’, it would not be ‘IT’.

Besides the ‘curiosity-seeking creature mind’ we inherently imbue, we are just as impatient, IF not more. And, IF we were left to our own gluttonous appetites for unbridled pleasure, to indulge in so many varying Earth experiences, we would certainly move prematurely into areas not necessarily suited to our evolution and soul preference. Oh. Did I not mention that it is our Precious and Ruthless Soul that has the final say on what will and will not be?

Again a matter of semantics, the term ‘SOUL’ can be seen, argued and defined in different philosophical, scientific, religious, ethical, cultural, environmental, psychological, biological and mental constructs.

However, to make the purpose short: ‘much more remains hidden than seen’.

IF, in fact, we are on earth to make some kind of evolutionary progress (again, we can’t measure it), we would only be able to do so through isolated (personal) incidents where we had no way of knowing, explaining, defending or excusing what did or didn’t happen. In other words, it would be in those unspeakable times, when and where, we could not logically deduce any practical means (common sense) for what had occurred and were simultaneously driven to find a resolution or comfort from within so that the unexplainable would become acceptable.

IF, in fact, we are all on some sort of spiritual journey, the tolerable foundation of our ‘stepping’ towards our so-called established pre-set directions becomes a vitally necessary discipline. The real deal is plain and simple. MASTER’S DEGREE. We are working on ourselves, as we are learning to surrender to a much higher operating force. {Who, by the way, remains privy to much more elaborate information than we are capable of comprehending.}

I am in no way trying to embody this ineffable energy, I am simply using the restricted barriers of language to get a point across. Through a laborious solitary journey, the seeker (human being) learns as many techniques, practices and skills (just like a skilled musician) to tune, manipulate, orchestrate and demonstrate his enriched abilities. Not without countless hours of careful observation, dedication, and devoted study to achieve a much deeper comprehension and understanding of the higher self at work while alive.

Every action, thought and gesture is aimed at breaking the superficial mask of the personality that so easily confuses, worries, depresses and overwhelms us.

“Purity of Purpose”, the definitively prescribed apparatus instilled in every Master of God Essence (god-in-formation) who inhabits the earth as a human being, resides as the cutting mechanism to open the core. It’s all a matter of becoming aware of the sacredly ignited power of creatively inspired sensually, sublimely sexual artistry that lies within. But also, with the recognition, acceptance, and acceptance of these miraculous talents, gifts, and abilities, learning to NOT force circumstances, relationships, situations, and events before it is time, simply because we believe we can. {As if we could, anyway.}

It is written in the ancient texts, “Above all, gain understanding.”

Understanding that we are not to look for the manifestation of results as a sign of our progress, but to remain firmly grounded by turning away from the distracting voices of either praise or condemnation (full of fear, regret, remorse and anticipation) to the ‘still small voice’ of knowing that everything is exactly and precisely as it should be for reasons we cannot see compels us to move, breathe and have our being.

Purity of Purpose encourages us to experiment without any trace of lust for the outcome. Therein lies the secret of esoteric man enhancement without a coveted design.

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